Eden Park Band – Studio Recordings 2015

Eden Park Band
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Here is a collection of studio recording that were done under the Eden Park Band banner in 2015.

One song “GONE” was recorded in 2012 but not released. It featured Eden Park Band guitarist Jay Aronoff and drummer Brandon Schlunt and was later added to the band’s list of original songs.

Laying Good Men Down, written by Aaron Burton and arranged and recorded by Drew Lanius, Jay Aronoff, Mark Campbell, Brandon Schlunt, Jim Connerley and Elton Clifton.

Eden Park Band (original line-up for studio)

The relationship with Aaron Burton began online in a music related group where the users would share their music with eachother. Aaron hails from southeastern Australia in town called Healesville, Victoria. From the moment Drew heard Laying Good Men down he knew that he wanted to attempt a rendition of it, but was really unsure of the response he would get. Almost by fate something magical happened… Burton recorded a video of himself performing the opening track of Drew’s solo CD “of the past and foreground” called “Nowhere With You“. The original was a piano/vocal arrangement but Aaron performed his version with acoustic guitar. This was the icebreaker that opened the door to this “trading” of material. The Eden Park Band version of the song was recorded at New Fidelity Studios in Cincinnati, OH. These sessions were the first that the band would do with Producer/Engineer Elton Clifton. Elton had already worked with some of the best emerging talents in the region and had a great reputation as an engineer. The song took several sessions to complete and then a few weeks went into the perfect mix.

In the summer of 2015 the band returned to the recording studio to begin work on “Going Through It Too”, an epic about the selfish side of addiction. The main body of the song was penned by Lanius with bridge lyrics written by Lanius/Aronoff/Schlunt. Surprisingly, the opening riff on guitar was actually written by drummer Brandon Schlunt. Always pushing the team to fill the gaps, Brandon’s unconventional way of singing the guitar riffs into his phone to share with the band at a later date was met with some hilarity. The end result however was a powerfully driven introduction to the song. Multi-instrumentalist Randy Villars brought an amazing touch of the surreal to the bridge with the masterful clarinet performance. This was topped with the piano and organ tracks of Tim McCord.