ţђę ∂ลяк мลţţэяร

The Dark Matters
Rock / Experamental
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ţђę ∂ลяк мลţţэяร is an original episodic rock project created by Drew Lanius, Jay Aronoff, Brandon Schlunt and Donovan Schlunt. The debut track “January Song” was released in December 2020.

This powerful and eclectic mix of blues, progressive rock, metal and reggae evokes flavors of Pink Floyd, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bigelf and Rush. The songs mostly are metaphorical interpretations of classic themes and stories. Be it mythology or history, the songs blend a believable lyric with a first person delivery. The music punctuates the emotion of the storytelling with many complex changes and powerful delivery.

ţђę ∂ลяк мลţţэяร (LtoR Brandon Schlunt, Donovan Schlunt, Drew Lanius, Jay Aronoff)