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Recording songs for some bands is a quick process once the songs are written. This hasn’t typically been the case with my recordings. My solo Debut CD “of the past and foreground” took almost 6 years for me to complete. Granted, I didn’t have the benefit of a band and I was learning the recording software at the same time. Many of the tracks that I completed early in the process were replaced later with much better ones.

When Eden Park Band started recording our first single “Laying Good Men Down” I recall letting Elton Clifton (who we’d never worked with before) that it was likely that we would work all day on something and in the end be unhappy and want to start over. While this didn’t happen much (and that’s a credit largely to my band mates and Elton) it did happen some.

ţђę ∂ลяк мลţţэяร currently has two songs partially recorded and at least two more waiting to be started. The band, which features Eden Park Band’s Jay Aronoff and rhythmic onslaughters Brandon Schlunt and Donovan “Psycho D” Schlunt was first conceived in January of 2016. Due to conflicting schedules, family illnesses and major storm damage at the recoding studio the project has been “on ice”.  Once I was told “It doesn’t take time, it takes a lifetime”. That rings true when it comes to the recording process. I, and I know every single musician I perform with, tries to give the best performance in the studio as well as LIVE. It WILL be worth the wait!

Stay tuned!

~ Drew

2017 is here and there is a lot happening in the music scene around Cincinnati.
The ever-changing world of music offers an infinite canvas on which we as musician place our musical brush. I feel so fortunate to have a great group of musicians to work with on a regular basis. Eden Park Band is still going strong and performing regularly for the area casinos and finest reataurants. A new original project called The Dark Matters promises the first tracks by spring 2017. This band features Drew Lanius, Jay Aronoff, Brandon Schlunt and Donovan Schlunt. I’m working on a new solo project with multi-instrumentalist Randy Villars at First Flight Studios in Dayton, OH with producer/engineer Michael Stark. I reunited with Randy to record a Christmas EP for First Flight and it developed into some exciting possibilities that begged for us to begin collaboration on other material. We expect to have several new songs from this project by early spring.

The brand new website shelter-media.com puts all of these musical projects under one roof. Please enjoy the site, subscribe to the blog and leave feedback….Thanks for stopping by!